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Welcome to NIKOLAJ COSTER-WALDAU ONLINE @ an online resource dedicated to Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Currently being seen as Ser Jaime Lannister on the hugely successful HBO series Game of Thrones, Nikolaj has a varied film and television history. Included are the series New Amsterdam, Virtuality, and Blekingegade. Nikolaj's films include Mama, Black Hawk Down, Wimbledon, Vildspor in which Nikolaj wrote and directed, Enigma, Kingdom of Heaven, The Baker, A Thousand Times Goodnight, Gods of Egypt, Nattevagten and soon to be seen in Nattevagten 2. Nikolaj has also been named the UNDP Goodwill Ambassador to raise awareness and support United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, an action to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. If you're a fan of Nikolaj's please make this your best choice for all things pertaining to his career. This site has an explicit NO CANDIDS policy.

Nikolaj has done a new interview with Digital Spy. He talks about season three of GAME OF THRONES.

Game of Thrones Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Season three is great for Jaime – Digital Spy

It may still be seven torturous months away, but that hasn’t stopped us quivering with anticipation for the surely-spectacular third season of Game of Thrones.

So when Digital Spy was offered the chance for a quick chat with Jaime Lannister himself, the dashing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, we prepared ourselves for a challenge as mammoth as capturing the Iron Throne – namely squeezing from him any information about what’s going down in the Seven Kingdoms.

Though he was unsurprisingly tight-lipped on season three, the Danish actor had plenty to say about his love of playing the bad guy, Great Britain’s Olympic-standard actors and more…

Have you started doing any filming on season three of Game of Thrones?
“We’re shooting season three now and it’s going very well. Jaime Lannister, my character, he has a great year, it’s a great season for him. He’s out of prison and he’s on the move.”

How does this season differ to the others? What can fans look forward to?
“The only thing I can say is we’re doing everything we can to make it even better. I hope we succeed.”

What has the fan response to Jaime been like?
“It’s been really surprising to me. I was worried after season one that maybe people would hate the guy, but it seems that everyone likes to hate him in a way.

“I’ve been really relieved. We tried to… have him be [not just] a horrible, horrible man, but also to show that there is also some kind of wit, even if it’s a dry and arrogant wit. There is something going on and it’s not just about taking pleasure from pushing kids out windows and tormenting people, there is more to him than that. People I’ve spoken to are very curious to see what happens to him.”

Jaime’s character has gradually become more sympathetic, do you miss playing the bad guy?
“Well it’s always fun playing the bad guy. You get to break the rules, and that’s always fun. But actually the best so-called bad guy parts are the ones where you can still somehow identify with their choices, even if they are outrageous.

“What’s great about Game of Thrones is they change the perspective, the POV, all the time. So you will have one story told by one character and you’ll go, ‘Oh my God, horrible’, and then maybe the season after you have the same story told but from the person you thought was just the most horrible, vile creature. Now you actually see his point of view, which might differ quite substantially, and that’s human nature in a way. We’re all very quick in labelling each other and sometimes there’s more to it than that.”

Season three will see new additions to the Game of Thrones cast, like Dame Diana Rigg and Mackenzie Crook. How have they been to work with?
“[People talk] about the Olympics, how great you’re doing, but you also have this amazing pool of great actors and I feel so lucky to walk on the set [with them]. Because I don’t live in England I don’t know all the actors and I’m not aware of this guy being famous for this, I just work with these people and they’re all ridiculously talented. Which is very scary of course.”

Were you a fan of the Game of Thrones novels and the fantasy genre before?
“I’m a fan of great storytelling. I understand the whole thing of this is fantasy, this is drama, this is comedy, but in a way the really good stories have a bit of everything.”

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau also stars in critically-acclaimed thriller Headhunters, which is released on DVD and Blu-ray August 13.


Cute as always.

Nikolaj is at the Toronto International Film Festival for his film HEADHUNTERS. With him is co-star Aksel Hennie and together they discussed the film, a sort of unintentional comedy based on the novel by Jo Nesbø. A teaser below. More below the cut.

“That’s also one of the selling points of this movie,” Coster-Waldau admits, “‘the guys who did Millennium.’ But it’s very, very different. If you laugh at The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I don’t think it’s intentional.”


There’s talk of making an American version of this. I’m hoping the producers appeal to the angels of their better nature. With what David Fincher did to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I hope it’s not done with this film. Sorry but there is only one Lisbeth Salander in the Larsson vein. And that is Noomi Rapace. With this film, there should be only one. C’mon Hollywood, come up with some original ideas for once.

I have some things for you from Nikolaj’s film HEADHUNTERS. I was hoping to have the official trailer added to the NCW Media section, however, with the recent server migration, apparently my host there has seen fit to not make the necessary tweaking to allow me to upload. I hope to have the film’s screencaps in the gallery soon. Keep watch. I’ll update this post when they’re added.


I have a review of Nikolaj’s film HEADHUNTERS. The link to the full article below the cut.

The true stars of this film are the cat and mouse – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Clas) and Aksel Hennie (Roger). Coster-Waldau is a familiar face to television viewers as he starred in the short-lived Fox series “New Amsterdam” and, more importantly, is a series regular on the HBO cult favorite “Game of Thrones.” Coster-Waldau, beautiful to behold, portrays an alpha dog who has never been challenged successfully and knows how to take out any enemy blocking his path. Never has a man this handsome been this frightening. He is breathtakingly suave, sophisticated and deadly; you can’t take your eyes off him even as you try unsuccessfully to get your bearings.


I subscribe to a news feed on Nikolaj so I have a lot coming in on a regular basis, but it’s easy to weed out the good interviews with the bad. Here is a fun interview where Nikolaj discusses both GAME OF THRONES and his new film HEADHUNTERS just opening now. I’ll have the screencaps for HEADHUNTERS up soon. Keep watch. In the meantime, here is a preview of what Nikolaj has to say. You can read the rest by clicking on the link.

GQ: Roger Brown is terrified of dogs. Do you have any similar irrational phobias? I know he is scared of your dog.
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: When I was a kid I was always afraid of small dogs, because they always seemed like the ones that would attack. Either they wanted to bite you or they wanted to fuck you, and I didn’t like that. And the irony, of course, [is that] my family, we have two dogs and they’re two tiny, little, very sweet dogs. What else? Small spaces; I’m not good with small spaces. But animals, no. Snakes? No, I don’t like—I think it’s kind of the usual suspects.