EmiLia cLarke’s called it a “mindblower” of a season. kit harington has confirmed they’re “breaking boundaries”. Maisie Williams says: “for Arya there’s some really high points and there’s some really low points.” Everybody else is keeping schtum for fear of the spoiler police, but with audiences waiting longer than usual for season seven, anticipation for new Game Of Thrones is reaching fever pitch – as are fan theories.

So while we wait to see if Jon Snow and Daenerys really are going to do the dirty [Eww, they’re related – Ed], there’s word a White Walker may control a dragon, plus a possible return for Gendry and Coldhands – and a cameo role for, um, Ed Sheeran. “it’s a lot of work shooting these things,” showrunner DB Weiss says, which is why seasons seven and eight will be shorter – they’re seven and six episodes apiece. Adds Harington: “We’re trying to go out with a bang.”